What is Security System Monitoring?

What exactly is a central monitoring station?
Security systems send their signals over your telephone line to a central monitoring station-the facility that acts as the link between your home and the police, fire department, and emergency response authorities. A central station is manned 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by highly skilled operators trained to respond to emergencies. The station operator alerts the proper authorities and dispatches help.

If the central monitoring station is notified via my phone line, how can I keep my family safe if the line is cut or out of service?
happy family with alarm We feel the best means to give you back up communications in the Atlanta area is to utilize a Cellular Transmitter. Your phone system will be subject to occasional failures. Whether the outage is due to an intruder, a maintenance problem, vandalism, fire, accident, or storm, the effect is the same. Your central station has no way of monitoring your signals. The difference will be that the back up system will instantly take over and continue the monitoring of your alarm signals. Unlike the radio back-up which only sends a limited amount of information, the cellular unit will transmit the same precise zone information the panel was programmed to send. We call this a redundant means of communications. You'll call it Peace Of Mind! The only additional equipment required would be a cellular transmitter that connects to the control panel of your security system.

I do not have phone service. Can my system still be monitored?
Yes. We can install a cellular communicator to your system that would act as a phone line between your alarm system and the monitoring center.

Will I get a discount on my home or business insurance?
Most insurance companies offer home and business owners a discount of up to 15% or more on homes with monitored security systems. Check with your insurance agent.

What does monitoring cost?
We offer monitoring starting at $18 per month, billed quarterly. We offer other monitoring choices that cost more. Contact us to see which service best fits your needs.

What They Say

You’ll never know how secure I feel with RTA. I never leave the house that I don’t activate the system. Thank You!

-Rutledge G


My family and I owe a debt of gratitude to you that this letter could not possibly express! We would just like to thank you for all the long hard diligent work that you performed on my family’s behalf in checking, repairing and replacing our alarm since we arrived in Newnan, Georgia. 

I have done business with many alarm companies in my life, but we have never had such a pleasurable and professional experience as we did working with you and your company.

 I guess there is nothing more I can say except, if I know anyone looking to have their alarm serviced in a professional manner your name will be the first thing that comes to mind.

 -James C


Thank you RTA for making me feel safe again.

 -Milly R

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